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Issue #19 - Winter 2009 - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos Magazine Issue 19
What's New? - Openings - Real Estate - Construction Update - Happenings - Events

Real Estate

"Uber-Posh" - Living in Ultimate Luxury in Los Cabos
The most luxurious homes in Cabo - and what makes them so. By Carol S. Billups.

Heir Apparent
Make sure your real estate investment is safe and secure for you and the generations of you heir. By Carol Billups.

New & Notable
What's the buzz in Los Cabos real estate. By Carol Billups.

Your Garden of Eden
A herb garden is a great way to have fresh herbs all year long. By Kirstin Frieze.

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Health & Wellness

Health Benefits of Spa Treatments
Select the treat that will benefit your body and soul. By Sandra Berry, Kirstin Frieze and Patricia Krajeski.

Breathe In, Breathe Out
Some cardiovascular workouts are almost automatic while you're on vacation here in Los Cabos. By Lauren Glenn.

Health & Wellness - Issue 19

Body Art
Before you decide on boasting a permament or a henna tatto, you may want to know this. By Kistin Frieze.

Los Cabos Medical and Dental Facilities
A listing of medical facilities and specialists. By David Mandich.


Going Organic
Eating very well on vacation in Los Cabos. By Lauren Glenn.

Top Tables
Come along with writers Sandra Berry, Kirstin Frieze, Lauren Glenn, and David Mandich as they get the skinny on a myriad of Los Cabos healthiest meals.
Dining- Issue 19

Red Wine Benefits
French and Italian include a glass of red wine with their meals, studies have shown that there is a health benefit to its consumption. By Kirstin Frieze.

Under The Cabo Moon
When the moon and the stars come out, lounging on the beach is a great way to spend an evening. By David Mandich.

Outdoors & Activities

Wild and Wonderful Activities
Zip lines, ATV's, jeeping, horseback riding, even formula kart racing, are crazy fun for everyone. By Kirsting Frieze.

La Playita Beach
Los Cabos newest playground. By David Mandich.

Swimming Beaches in Los Cabos
From Cabo San Lucas to San José del Cabo. By David Mandich.

Outdoors & Activities - Issue 19
A new meaning of take-out. By Captain George Landrum.

Golf - Swing Shift
A swing correction can offset back pain, as well as improe your game. Course pros can frequently spot what your swing needs. By George Landrum.


A Shopping Extravaganza - Duty Free!
In Cabo San Lucas you can find treasures at prices you can't find back home. By Sandra Berry.

Hecho En México: The Iconic Mexican Rebozo
One of the most traditional emblems of a true Mexicana is the rebozo. By Sandra Berry.

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I would like to personally welcome you to Los Cabos, the Monte Carlo of North America, and introduce you to some of the very best that the Baja of Mexico has to offer. Travelers from all over the world depend on Los Cabos Magazine to find the top dining, entertainment, shopping and fun-filled attractions that our communities have to offer.

We are eager to share with you the best information possible to make your stay fun and enjoyable in the upcoming year.  As we begin 2009, we are excited about the growth of our tourist industry, and the major improvements to the infrastructure, which will enhance and reconfirm Cabo San Lucas as a major tourism arena. We are further happy to announce many new improvements to the airport, reaching a satisfactory solution to the transportation challenges of the past year, and supporting the continual efforts of making Los Cabos an even more beautiful and safe place to be. Par Vial, the name given to the major road construction in Cabo San Lucas, will also be finalized in 2009. It will include the revamping of city streets, utility services, and the installation of green districts, plazas and garden areas.

During 2008, we saw improvements to the commercial areas of Los Cabos International Airport, the 6th most vital airport in Mexico and the most important airport in all of Baja. During 2009, we will witness the commencement of a new fixed base operation (FBO) for private aircraft, the new mega Terminal 4, and we look forward to hosting over 3 million passengers as they pass through its terminals during the coming year.

There’s no doubt that the world has been through a difficult financial time, but like most people, I look forward to a prosperous and productive new year. Most importantly, my personal new year’s resolution is to take a moment every day to be grateful for all that Los Cabos has to offer.  I also hope that the year ahead will bring happiness and good health to you and your families.

Enjoy your visit to Los Cabos. Stay a little bit longer, return often, and enjoy our paradise.

Joseph A. Tyson

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